Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Thing #4

Hurray! I have posted 3 blogs now. I've completed Thing #2, Thing #3, and have emailed the Captains to register me. Whoo hoo!

Thing #3

Creating the avatar was fun, frustrating, and irritating at the same time. It was irritating because there were so many choices to choose from! But I had a great time once I picked out the design of my avatar. It was as if I was given a million dollars of free money and was told to go have some fun. Then I actually entered the "live avatar land", and had a blast. The frustrating part occured when I went to transfer my avatar to my blog. After several attempts I finally was successful!

Thing #2

The Easiest Habit: Accepting Responsibility for Your Own Learning. The only person who can move my learing forward is myself. I know that if I want to acheive more and be successful, I must continually be learning. If I slack off at any time then I will be the one stuck, no one else.

The Hardest Habit: Using Technology to Your Advantage. Because I did not grow up with the advanced technologies of today, I have a slight "fear" of them. So I am more cautious about using them. However, that does not stop me from attempting to use them. I just don't feel totally comfortable using some of the technologies out there. But with time I will.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Blogger Novice

I finally did it. I started my own blog page. I'm hoping I improve over time.